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At Camp Holiday Trails (CHT), “WOW” stands for “Working On Wellness.” Every other day in the summer after dinner, all of our Campers and WOW Hour Sun activity - Petting ZooCounselors come together to participate in WOW Hour. This one-hour evening activity not only unites us, but also introduces both Campers and staff to new experiences and healthy hobbies. For each WOW Hour, we invite local community members to share a special skill or talent with our Camp Family. Some past WOW Hours have been: juggling lessons, water aerobics, martial arts, a visit with therapy dogs, improvisational acting class, and line dancing.

One Camper noted: “I didn’t want to try Zumba but my Counselor convinced me to try it…now I love Zumba and do it at home!” –Zack

WOW Hour Sun activity - Zumba

The goal of WOW Hour is to introduce our Campers (and staff!) to a variety of different interests and hobbies that they can continue at home. As always, here at Camp Holiday Trails, each activity is adapted for the individual needs of all of our Campers. Introducing our Campers to healthy hobbies is especially important: children with special medical needs can have difficulty finding activities adapted for their needs, and sometimes struggle to find the confidence to join activities that can improve their physical, mental, emotional, or social wellness. With your help, we can expose our Campers to all kinds of activities that they are not only able to partake in, but are inspired to continue beyond summer.

WOW Hour Sun activity - Service Dogs of VA

Email: [email protected] to learn more about how you can help us “wow” our Campers OR if you are ready to share your talent with our Campers and Counselors please take a look at the dates below and email us with a brief description of your activity and the dates you’re available to lead us …

We hope to see you at Camp soon!


WOW Hour Sun activity - Drum Circle

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