Support CHT: Our Wish List

At Camp Holiday Trails, we celebrate the differences and uniqueness of our campers, just be yourself at camp. We like to let loose, have fun, and sometimes, be a little weird. So our wish list is called, Keep CHT Weird. Some of the items are very practical like band-aids while some are a little more fantastical… like a pirate ship for our waterfront!

Of course…

Our biggest wish: Send a child to CAMP

$2500 is the actual cost of a 2 week session.

Some of our more IMPORTANT needs:PhotoboothCHT

  •  Tie dye supplies
    • Plain white t-shirts in child & adult sizes
    • Tiny rubber bands
    • Non-latex gloves
    • dye in all colors
  •  Latex-free balloons
  •  Construction paper
  •  Elmer’s glue – gallon size jugs
  •  Sharpies – all colors – lots & lots!
  •  Masking tape – lots!
  •  Lanyards – plastic gimp and friendship
  • bracelet string, lots & lots
  •  Flashlights & batteries (“AA” and “D”)
  •  Scissors – child & adult
  •  Shower curtains (mold resistant)
  •  Latex-free gloves & band-aids
  •  Costumes & dress up clothes
  •  Child (age 7-17) socks and underwear
  •  Pool goggles

Misc. & Weird

  • Pirate Ship! for Waterfront … to climb on, swing from, make your counselor walk the plank … contact us – we have an example!
  • Portable Fire Pit for our Dining Hall deck (fireplace cost prohibitive!)
  • – too expensive in general but great ideas for building play structures or fun elements in the woods using recycled materials?
  • Membership for each of our Camp nurses in the American Camp Nurse Association ($50)
  • Student Membership for our Counselors in the American Camp Association ($35),
  • Golf Carts to transport campers with mobility challenges
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