CHT Horse Program

horsesThe purpose of the Horsemanship Program at Camp Holiday Trails is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where campers can spend time with the horses, learn about their care, and enjoy riding in the ring or on the trail – and in so doing, experience the physical, social, and emotional benefits that arise from interacting with our volunteers and our special Equine Partners.

We are accepting volunteer applications for our Horsemanship Program.


Horse_GroupShot_WalkingHorses love Camp Too!

Camp Holiday Trails welcomes donations of time with your horse. Your horse will receive excellent care and lots of love each day from our campers and volunteers. If you have a horse or pony you would like considered as an Equine Partner for our summer season Horse Program, please complete the CHT Equine Partner Application. For More Information.

Apply to be a CHT Equine Partner: Equine Partner Application

Do You Know a Horse Who Would Love Camp?


Share this flyer with your equine friend and their human companion today! Horses at CHT Flyer

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