Become a Counselor

Counselors at Camp Holiday Trails spend a summer in a highly challenging and rewarding role, and they make a positive difference in the lives of campers.

No one says it better than our CHT Counselors!

What will you remember about your job this summer?


Want something BETTER than a desk job this summer?


What will you take home from your job this summer?


How will your job this summer impact your life?

Counselor Application:

Camp Holiday Trails counselors:

  • must be 18 years old or older with a minimum of 1 year out of high school.
  • Exhibit leadership skills, take initiative, be flexible, have a high level of self awareness, understand the basics of behavior management, have the ability to manage their own special health need if applicable, and have compassion.
  • Have experience in a camp setting with children age 5-17 preferred.

Counselor positions are highly competitive and require an application and, if the application process proceeds, we also require an interview.


Are you a camper/Blazer interested in applying to be a Counselor?

  • Must be age 18 years and older with a minimum of 1 year out of high school.
  • Must spend a minimum of 1 year OUT of Camp OR as a summer volunteer for a session (may be asked to volunteer for a different session than attended as a Blazer.)


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