What is Med Korner?

Med Korner for webAt the heart of camp lies Med Korner, a building dedicated to providing a caring, educational experience to people on both sides of the stethoscope.  Lead by our Medical Director, over 50 medical volunteers provide round the clock care – from medicine distribution to catheter changes to breathing treatments to the latest “experimental” treatments for homesickness.  Our pharmacy houses rows of pill boxes stacked to the ceiling and we incur significant cost stocking over the counter medicines and equipment that may not be provided by families.  A lynchpin in our medical team is the medical students and residents who spend an elective rotation on staff.  Many med students decide on pediatric specialties while at camp, and for those headed towards research, we hope finding a cure for cystic fibrosis or epilepsy or sickle cell or any one of number of diagnoses is in their future.  Our Med Staff have the opportunity to work with diverse pediatric diagnoses in an active v. acute setting.  Our kids are Campers, not patients, and can climb the climbing wall alongside a future physician, swim alongside a future nurse, or ride a horse with someone they may see later during a hospital visit.  In turn, our Campers see our medical team minus the lab coats.  “Dr. Carlos” and “Dr. Chris” are real people who sing camp songs and participate in the camp talent show.  When these two populations next meet in the hospital, ER or physician’s office – both are better suited to get and give the best care.

We focus on teaching every child to better manage their own healthcare.  For kids facing a lifetime of medicine and treatment, the ability to care for their own needs means freedom.  Research has shown that the camp experience helps children engage in and continue to practice healthy lifestyles into their adult lives.  Internal evaluations, both formal and informal, are used to regularly monitor the impact of staff and programs.  Participant evaluations of every camp program are reviewed for action items.  In addition, Camp Holiday Trails participates in rigorous accreditation standards set by the American Camp Association.  Our goal is to ensure our Campers follow the best health practices for their special health need, while learning from positive adult role models and making friends and memories to last a lifetime.

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