What makes CHT so special to our Campers?

Our Campers say…

I would like to attend Camp again because I want to see the horses again, to be with my friends, to get moths out of the cabin, play capture the flag, play gold rush and to go swimming. I also want to see my old counselors!

— Camper, age 12, heart condition


I don’t get to talk to any other children my age with diabetes. I feel like I don’t have any friends because I have this disease. I feel so alone except for my family. That’s why I want to go to Camp.

— Camper age 10, diabetes


I would like to go to Camp because it is a great place to socialize with people my same age that have the same disability as I have, and it gives me the chance to learn and understand about other disabilities too. This will be the 6th year that I’ve come to this Camp and it’s just my favorite safe place to be during the summer. Everyone is just so nice and accommodating and no one is judgmental and everyone treats me as they would want to be treated. This Camp also gives me a chance to socialize with people from all over the U.S. Also, I am hoping that I will be admitted to the Leadership-in-Training program to help increase my self-esteem, communication skills and improve my social life.

— Camper, age 15, speech & hearing impaired


I want to go to Camp away from my home so people don’t know I have AIDS and so I can just have some fun.

— Camper, age 13, HIV+


There are two reason why I want to go to Camp. I want to experience the great outdoors even though I am deaf-blind – and I want to try activities that I have never done before. You know even though I am deaf-blind doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get the chance to go into the woods and go roughing it (camping) outside. I really want to do that because I’ve never done it before. One thing I know I have never done before is archery.

When I go to the hobby shop I see the bows and arrow which make me want to learn it. Another activity I’ve never tried is fishing. I have always wanted go fishing ever since I was in the 8th grade in 2001. That is the reason I want to go to Camp.

— Camper, age 17, visually and hearing impaired


I would really like to go to Camp because I have never been to Camp before. My mom said that because I have to be catheterized so much a lot of camps won’t accept me. I guess I just have to pray that I get in.

— Camper, age 9, urological disorder


Some words about why I would like to go to Camp Holiday Trails: because it helps me know that I am like everyone else.

— Camper, age 12, seizure disorder


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