CHT: A Caring Community

entrance2Camp Holiday Trails is a caring community committed to empowering, encouraging and educating Campers with chronic illnesses, their families and healthcare professionals.

That is our mission statement and it extends far beyond words. We strive to create community: with our Campers who gain empathy and independence, with our families who find common ground with other families facing similar challenges, and with our network of medical volunteers who are forever changed, both professionally and personally, by their time at camp.  Our camp community gives and receives support, remains loyal to our mission – and has fun together!  Our alumni are welcomed back at any time, for any reason, with open arms.



Camp Holiday Trails is a welcoming place.  Everyone who passes through our gates joins a community with one common goal: to embrace nature, celebrate individuality, cherish health and well-being and cultivate a deeper appreciation of what it means to belong to something — to be a part of a caring community.



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